Mom Accuses Teachers of Running ‘Fight Club’ in St. Louis Day Care Center

A St. Louis day care center allegedly encouraged children to fight with one another in a “fight club,” NBC News reports. In a lawsuit filed against the center, Nicole Merseal alleges that her 4-year-old son and another young boy were “instructed by teachers” at Adventure Learning Center to “punch and hit each other” in December 2016. Merseal also accused teachers Mikayla Guliford and Tena Dailey of letting another child “intimidate and harm” her son. In a video taken by another one of Merseal’s children on an iPad and released on Wednesday, Merseal’s youngest son and a boy are seen wearing “Incredible Hulk toy fists” and punching each other on the ground. Merseal called the police after seeing the video. According to documents, Guliford told the day care director the children “were bored” and they “ran out of things to do” when she was confronted about the fighting. Guliford and Dailey were subsequently fired. “I meant for the fighting with the Hulk Hands to be a stress release exercise,” Guliford said, according to documents. “It did not last more than three or four minutes.” The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute the teachers because there was “insufficient evidence” of laws being violated but called the teachers’ actions “incredibly poor judgment.” Merseal is now suing the day care center for “negligence, recklessness and breach of contract,” and $25,000 in damages.