Mueller Investigates Whether Roger Stone Intimidated Witness: WSJ

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is probing whether former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone attempted to “intimidate and discredit” radio personality Randy Credico, The Wall Street Journal reports. Filmmaker David Lugo reportedly told investigators about a blog post Stone helped him draft that was “harshly critical” of Credico, whom Stone has claimed was his back channel to WikiLeaks. Credico has denied that claim. Businessman Bill Samuels also reportedly spoke to Mueller’s team about Credico’s “reaction to allegedly threatening messages” sent by Stone.

Mueller has been probing Stone’s contacts with WikiLeaks and whether he had advance knowledge of the site releasing Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman’s emails before the 2016 election. The emails were allegedly stolen by Russian intelligence operatives to “influence the election.” Credico told the Journal that Stone was “getting his friends out there to slime” him earlier this month, but Stone denied attempting to intimidate Credico to the newspaper.