Barr Won’t Commit to Turning Over Full Mueller Report: Source

Attorney General Bill Barr told a top House Democrat he would not commit to sharing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s full report with Congress, according to a Democratic congressional aide. Barr said as much in a call with House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler on March 27, the aide said. Democrats are likely to charge Barr with participating in a cover-up if he withholds any portion of the report from Congress. The primary obstacle to Barr turning over the report is the presence of grand-jury material, the aide said. The aide said Nadler offered to work with Barr to try to get a judge to authorize the release of the material, and Barr replied that he was open to the argument but would continue the process of redacting the report. A Justice Department spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

—Betsy Woodruff