Multiple Injuries After Colorado School Bus Tips on Its Side

Around 20 people have been hospitalized, some with serious injuries, after a school bus in Colorado was struck by another vehicle and tipped onto its side. Casey Pearson, a spokesperson with Greeley-Evans Weld County School District 6, said the bus had 35 people on board, including 29 students and four chaperones. Video showed the school bus on its side in an area off the road. Colorado State Patrol tweeted late Thursday: “Weld County bus crash occupants transported to various hospitals with minor to serious injuries. None are known to be life threatening injuries.” North Colorado Hospital said it received 15 patients—two adults and 13 minors—with one patient in serious condition whoo was transported to another hospital for further care. Children’s Hospital in Denver said it had six patients. The Denver Post newspaper reported that the bus was returning from an amusement park at the time of the accident.