My Night With the World’s First Bionic Penis

Charlotte Rose, a former British ‘Sex Worker of the Year,’ is relishing helping 43-year-old Mohammed Abad—who has a bionic penis—lose his virginity.

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

LONDON — Mohammed Abad is a virgin.

Not because he’s bad at chatting up women—hell, he’s even been married.

No, Abad is a virgin because he fell into the road during a snowball fight when he was 6 years old. A car barreled into him, dragged his tiny body 600 yards, and ripped his dick clean off.

He was lucky to survive, but his genitalia could not be salvaged.

Five years ago, when he was 37, a letter arrived offering him an experimental new medical procedure. Doctors said they could make him a bionic penis.

After 118 procedures, Abad’s 8-inch appendage has finally been passed fit for duty. A medical miracle, undoubtedly, but perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea.

This is how the proud doctor has described it: “The penis itself was actually made from the skin and fat from the forearm rolled up into a roll with a tube in the middle like a sausage roll.”

A button concealed inside the scrotum can bring the penis to life by pumping liquid from a reservoir concealed inside Abad’s abdomen. When the fun is over, another button deflates the erection.

The ladies have not exactly been lining up, so how will Abad lose his virginity?

Step forward: Charlotte Rose, Britain’s Sex Worker of the Year 2013. The escort, and sexual trainer, has volunteered her services for free.

“Of all the people he could have done this with, he’s chosen me,” she told The Daily Beast. “It’s an absolute delight.”

Rose, a high-end call girl who can earn up to $500 an hour, estimates that she’s slept with around 1,000 men but this will be her first bionic penis.

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“I’ve not seen it yet, but I’m really, really excited and really, really honored.”

Rose, who is 35, and Abad have been planning their tryst in phone conversations over the last month. “I can’t wait to finally meet him—we spoke so much over the phone. He is excited. I don’t know if I’m more excited or him, to be honest.”

Rose’s enthusiasm is not reserved for this medical first. When she sat down with The Daily Beast in a hotel bar overlooking the Thames, she described herself as the very definition of the happy hooker.

“It does my head in when I read pieces, they never get it right. They will say ‘and here is Charlotte Rose, she does this and she claims to enjoy it.’ I don’t ‘claim to enjoy it’—I do enjoy it!”

She first dabbled with professional sex work as a teenager, but after a few encounters at the age of 16 and 17, she moved on to more conventional work, including a degree in hospitality management.

Rose set up various businesses, some of which did well, but in her late twenties, once her two children had started school, she realized there was a more effective route to profitability.

“I thought, I’m putting my money into these businesses, I’m running low on money, I have no personal life, I am horny as fuck, what do I do? So I phoned up an agency and said: ‘I would rather get paid to see a client for sex than pick up a guy in a bar.’”

Rose, who is tall, lithe, and speaks with great confidence, says she is thrilled with the career change.

“I get up in the morning and say ‘I am going to work today!’ I love my job. Why wouldn’t I?”

That doesn’t mean Rose is claiming that her work is all luxury hotels and sinewy bodies.

“One of the things that I dislike about the girl who wrote Belle de Jour was that it glamorized the industry. That made a lot of people go into the industry with rose-colored spectacles—and left them emotionally scarred.”

Belle de Jour was originally a blog written by American-born scientist, Dr. Brooke Magnanti, who lived in London.

The TV show, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which aired on Showtime in the U.S., was filled with chiseled features and six-packs.

“I think if somebody gets picky in the sense that ‘he just sent me an email saying that he is 30 stone—no, I’m not going to see him,’ then you’re in the wrong job,” Rose said.

“I have got gentlemen with muscular cirrhosis, Motor Neuron Disease, and those who are quadriplegics, tetraplegics, and have Parkinson’s. I’ve got one client that communicates with me through his eyes, and it can be so funny because he rolls his eyes at me because my spelling is rubbish.”

In fact, she has come to specialize in older men and those suffering from disabilities. Which brings us back to Abad and his prosthetic penis. As well as relieving him of his virginity, Rose will be sharing some of the sexual training techniques that she offers to inexperienced clients.

“He’s asked for me to give him some skills as well when I’m with him. I’d be more than delighted to do that,” she said.

For more than 30 years, Abad had to put up with a one-inch tube where his penis should have been.

He stayed away from women for the most part because that seemed easier than confronting his problem.

He eventually married a woman, who did not know about his condition until the wedding night. She stuck by him through that revelation, but the marriage didn’t last.

While she insists that she loves the work, Rose admits that these encounters can be emotionally fraught.

“I’ve got a gentleman in a wheelchair, he wanted training on how to better his oral skills to better a woman’s experience. And I said, ‘Oh, what about you?’ And he said: “Don’t worry about me, I don’t want to be loved—I’m going to die soon. I don’t want somebody feeling sorry for me.’”

When she got home, she was in tears. Her daughter, who is 15, asked what was wrong. “She gave me a big cuddle and a big kiss and she said, ‘They are lucky to have you.’

“To explain the work I do, I told her, imagine that you’re in a school disco and you want to give away your goodnight kiss and there are only two guys left—you’ve got the really good looking guy in the wheelchair and you’ve got the not-so-good looking guy who is able-bodied. Who do you give the kiss to? And she said ‘the able-bodied guy.’

“And I said, ‘Why?’ She said: ‘Because the other one wouldn’t be able to kiss me back.’ And I said, ‘But you shouldn’t think like that.’”

The sexual training sessions, and her regular disabled clients, don’t pay the same kind of rates Rose earns from the high-end call girl jobs, but she finds the work more rewarding and spends about 90 percent of her working time with those clients.

Among the escort clients, she finds lawyers are her most frequent employers. “The more professional that they are, the more they want less control, they want to be dominated,” she said.

Her favorite clients? “Farmers are great fun. They will bring a bottle of wine and you can have a giggle with a farmer.

“There are a lot of clients that are married. The majority of married clients are happily married but there is no sex. They cannot be open and honest about their fetish. There are guys who want to be dressed up as a maid and then spanked and then fucked up the ass. I’m not going to judge them for what fantasies they want,” she explained.

Rose says she has never encountered any violence. “I’ve always been a big health and safety person,” she said, although she concedes that street hookers don’t have the luxury of selecting high-end or vulnerable clients.

With safety in mind, Rose invented a computerized alarm system for working girls. They enter the time of their appointment and then receive a text message when it is due to be over, if the sex worker does not reply with a code word to say they are safe and well, an alert is created.

She said her invention was banned by the authorities. “It is deemed as illegal because it is profiting from prostitution,” she said. “We are the oldest industry in the U.K. and we are the only industry that is not allowed to be safe.”

Having said that, Rose says she has never felt threatened by a client. “They are really, really nice guys. I mean, I market intimacy, I market cuddles and kisses and that is what I get. Although I did meet that guy who killed the two women in Hong Kong.”

She is referring to Rurik Jutting, a high-flying British trader who described himself as “a psychopath” after allegedly murdering two Indonesian women.

Their mutilated bodies were found in his $5,000-a-month apartment. He is due to stand trial later this year.

“He was lovely, absolutely lovely. Just a polite gentleman,” Rose said. “He came into my hotel room, sat down on the bed, and I made him a cup of tea. He was a really nice guy.”

Not that nice if he killed two people...

“Well, it was a year and half later. Anything can happen to a person in a year and a half. You know, it didn’t make me feel scared at all. I actually felt sorry for him in the sense of what on earth has gone on in his life to flip him around to cause harm to somebody else. What had he gone through?”

As for Rose’s latest headline-grabbing client, Abad told the Irish Daily Star he was “fully loaded and ready to go.”

“I never thought this day would come but now I’m ready to have some fun and sow my wild oats,” he said. “I’ve never felt like a full man but now I’m ready for my life to start and I’ve never felt so confident. I want to get the ‘virgin’ tag off my back as soon as possible.”

But the security guard is going to have to wait a little longer, after another car crash intervened a few days before their planned liaison at the end of this week.

A collision between two cars left him in hospital with a broken ankle, concussion, and head wounds.

It hasn’t put him off. “I have waited long enough so another couple of weeks won’t make much difference,” Abad said.