Navy SEAL to Face Court-Martial Over Murder of Young ISIS Fighter

Navy SEAL Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher will face a court-martial for the alleged execution of a young ISIS fighter in Iraq, NBC News San Diego reports. Navy prosecutors say they have a photograph of him holding up the disembodied head of the victim, and they accuse him of premeditated murder in the stabbing death of the injured fighter, who they believe was about 15 years old. The incident happened in Mosul, Iraq, in May 2017. Gallagher, who’s also charged with aggravated assault for shooting Iraqi civilians, has denied the charges. He’s been held in the Miramar Brig since Sept. 11, 2018, when he was arrested at the Camp Pendleton Intrepid Spirit Center in San Diego. The Navy confirmed this week that Gallagher would face the court-martial after considering evidence at a hearing held in November. The photo was not shown during the court hearing because authorities fear it could be used as propaganda by ISIS. Prosecutors say Gallagher also tried to bribe fellow SEALs not to talk about the incident to investigators. He will be arraigned at Naval Base San Diego on Friday.