Neil Patrick Harris: Yes, That’s My Penis In ‘Gone Girl’

Forget all the talk about Ben Affleck’s so-called full frontal. We talk to the Neil Patrick Harris about his own nude scene in David Fincher’s new film.

There’s a lot to talk about in Gone Girl: what makes a sociopath, the complexities of gender roles in the confines of marriage, the role the media plays in influencing justice, twists, tone, and David Fincher.

And also penises.

Much has been made about a so-called “full-frontal” that Ben Affleck has in a scene late in the movie. Vulture wrote a helpful-ish explainer about how to make sure you see it. Affleck has given cutesy quotes about it. It’s all quite silly, considering that you see maybe a tip of the future Batman’s batfleck, obscured almost completely by his thigh, in what may be the fastest, darkest scene there has ever been in a movie.

It’s not a blink-and-miss-it situation. It’s a don’t-blink-and-you’ll-still-probably-miss-it situation.

But with all the hoopla surrounding Affleck’s nude(ish) scene, there’s a fact that’s been egregiously ignored. And it’s time to rectify that. Folks, you see Neil Patrick Harris’s penis is Gone Girl, too.

“Apparently, you can, yes,” Harris told me when I asked him about it earlier this week for a separate, longer story on his excellent upcoming memoir, Choose Your Own Autobiography. (Look for that story Friday.)

The next logical question, then, I was forced to ask: Neil, aren’t you a little bit jealous of all the attention Ben Affleck’s getting? Your penis is in the movie, too!

Harris laughed heartily at that.

“Had I been able to film my scene in a nice steamy, warm shower, perhaps there would’ve been more to talk about,” he said. “But in my particular circumstance there was a lot of blood flowing…elsewhere.”

If you’ve seen the movie, then you know the scene that pun refers to.

Were there any qualms about going nude (you also see his bum in a sex scene!) for the crazy—and we mean crazy—scene? “I’ll do whatever Mr. Fincher wants,” he said.

Solid philosophy.