New CCTV Footage Shows Las Vegas Shooter Assembling His Arsenal at Hotel

Previously unseen CCTV footage from the Mandalay Bay Hotel, where Stephen Paddock shot 58 people dead last October, shows the murderer methodically planning his attack and duping staff into carrying his stash of deadly weapons to his room in more than 20 suitcases. The footage, obtained by The New York Times, also shows Paddock eating and gambling alone in the hotel in the days leading up to the attack. Over the course of seven days, Paddock tricked staff into bringing 21 bags to his suite on the 32nd floor, which contained 23 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. The shooter asked to stay with his luggage each time it was brought up to his room and the footage shows staff taking him and his bags to the 32nd floor via a service elevator. Paddock is also shown frequently driving to and from his hotel, returning with bags picked up from his home in Mesquite—an hour north of the hotel. The last sighting of Paddock is of him arriving at the 32nd floor in an elevator around nine hours before he began the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.