New Jersey Town Pays $235K to Woman Who Claims Breast Milk Was Squirted in Her Face at Work

A municipal employee in a New Jersey town received $235,000 to settle a lawsuit in which she alleged that her co-workers created a “sexually hostile” environment—and once squirted breast milk at her, according to a Monday report from NJ.com. Cheryl Jeannette resigned from her role as the Belleville Township’s court administrator in 2014 and sued the township seven months later, alleging that “she could not continue to work in the hostile environment.” In the lawsuit, Jeannette claims that two of her co-workers “openly dated Belleville police officers” and “eagerly flaunted the intimate details of their sexual relationships” while at work. And in 2009, she said, one woman “intentionally exposed her breast” to her and “excreted breast milk on her.” The two women also allegedly called her “puta,” which translates to “slut,” or “whore,” and one allegedly threatened to engage in sexual activity with Jeanette’s son.

She also claimed that after she assisted in an investigation against her co-workers, higher-ups cut her salary—and that she was informed that “if she were to continue voicing grievances to anyone, she would never be promoted to Municipal Court Administrator on a permanent basis.” One of the women filed a racial discrimination and harassment complaint against Jeannette, which led to formal charges, NJ.com notes—but Jeannette called the charges “shoddy” and “one-sided.”