New York Daily News Endorses Kasich

The New York Daily News endorsed Republican presidential candidate John Kasich, while also slamming his rivals Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz. The newspaper’s Thursday front page features the headline, “NEVERTRUMP,” along with “NEVER CRUZ, EITHER!” in parenthesis. “Kasich is clearly only choice for GOP,” it says. The paper’s editorial board urged New York’s Republican voters to support the Ohio governor in the presidential primary on April 19. “Kasich’s qualifications are all the clearer—screamingly so—when matched against those of competitors Donald Trump and Ted Cruz,” the letter said. The endorsement praises Kasich’s “principled, pragmatic conservatism,” and slams Cruz as an “ideologue” while saying the real-estate mogul “suffers from the irreparable, disqualifying defect of being Trump.”