Nominate an Overlooked College!

Is it the food? The dorms? The applied engineering degree? Nominate a college and its most overlooked quality or program.

Who says Harvard’s the best? At a time of rising tuition and anxiety-riddled competition, it pays to find a great school that’s both amazing and under-the-radar. The Daily Beast surveyed the latest offerings from schools around the country and came up with a list of the 25 best overlooked colleges. University of Georgia for music. Art at UCSD. Awesome dorms at the University of Michigan. To name just a few. Now, to make sure we haven’t overlooked any schools in compiling our overlooked list, we’re calling on you, our readers, to submit your own ideas. Use the form below to nominate an amazing butoverlooked school, and include a brief argument about what it’s got that makes it stand out. Include your name, location, and email address if you'd like—or remain anonymous. Then check back on The Daily Beast in a few days for our reader-curated list of overlooked colleges.