Notre Dame Cathedral to Host First Mass Since April Fire

Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral, which was partially destroyed in a fire earlier this year, will host its first mass since the April blaze on Saturday. According to CNN, the mass will be led by Archbishop of Paris Michel Aupetit and will be small—with 2o to 30 people expected to attend. Since the fire destroyed part of the church’s roof and its iconic spire, the Notre Dame Foundation received about $17.7 million and got pledges for another $425 million. The money will reportedly be used to restore the cathedral, along with receiving pilgrims, repairing damaged items, and organizing music at the church. “May all those who have mobilized since April 15 and all those who continue to work every day for Notre Dame, be they donors, architects, construction workers, political leaders, be warmly thanked for their efforts,” Aupetit said.