Crowdfunding to Rebuild Notre Dame After Fire Hits $1 Billion

The outpouring of grief from around the world when Notre Dame erupted into flames Monday quickly turned into a determination to rebuild—and the crowdfunding effort to help repair the damage has now reached just under $1 billion. French President Emmanuel Macron set a hugely ambitious five-year deadline Tuesday to restore the iconic 12th-century cathedral back to its former glory. He'll be helped by the huge war-chest which has been raised in just a day and a half since the fire shocked people around the globe. Contributions came from from Apple as well magnates who own L’Oreal, Chanel and Dior, and smaller donations came from Catholic parishioners and small towns and cities around France and the world. A huge crane and planks of wood arrived at the site Wednesday morning, and Macron is set to hold a special Cabinet meeting later today which will be dedicated to setting out a response to the Notre Dame disaster.