NYC Gay Man’s Killer ‘Laughed’

Prosecutors said Sunday that the man accused of gunning down a gay man in New York City’s Greenwich Village “laughed” as he was arrested. Elliot Morales, 33, allegedly yelled homophobic slurs at Brooklyn resident Mark Carson (pictured at left), 32, early Saturday morning before “executing” him by a single shot to the cheek. “The victim did nothing to antagonize or instigate the shooter,” said New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. “It was only done because the shooter believed him to be gay.” Prosecutor Joan Illuzzi-Orbon said in court that they have footage of Morales giving a homophobic rant just 20 minutes before the shooting at a nearby restaurant, and also saying, “Do you know what happened at Sandy Hook?” Morales is being held without bail on charges of second-degree murder as a hate crime.