NYPD Cops’ Guns Taken Away After Messy Love Affair Exposed on Instagram

Four NYPD cops apparently involved in a messy love rectangle had their guns taken away after one of their partners posted photos of the cheating on Instagram, The New York Daily News reports. Sgt. Kandou Worley of the police department’s strategic response group was reportedly revealed to have been in a relationship with a subordinate, Officer Stephanie Gallardo, after his girlfriend, police officer Tyeis Coppin, hacked his Instagram and posted photos of the pair kissing. “I told my girl I loved her 10 mins b4 I f*cked this one,” one caption read. Gallardo reportedly told the NYPD she and Worley were dating in September and October but never went beyond kissing. After talking to Gallardo, NYPD officials reportedly confiscated Worley’s four 9mm handguns, and also temporarily took away guns from Gallardo, Coppin, and Gallardo's husband—who is also a cop. The guns have reportedly since been returned to those three individuals, while Worley is said to first have to be interviewed by investigators before he can possibly get his guns back. Worley could also reportedly face punishment for dating his subordinate.