Obama Talks Immigration at Rally

President Obama spoke in San Francisco today to push Congress to pass immigration reform, declaring that it is, "long past time to fix our broken immigration system." Obama said it was not only unfair, but also not smart that there is no solution for the 11 million people living here without documentation. He stated that the only thing standing in the way of the bill was certain factions of the GOP in Congress, and pushed for the House taking up the bill the Senate passed with a bipartisan majority. At the end of his speech, the president was interrupted by somebody in the stands behind him, yelling for the president to stop splitting up families with deportations. Obama responded by saying that if he was able to enact reform by executive action he would, but he needs Congress to act. The president also addressed the recent negotiations with Iran, saying that while, "none of that is going to be easy," the deal represents, "the first time in a decade we've halted progress on Iran's nuclear program."