OMG I Want This House

OMG, I Want This House: Sylvester Stallone Edition

The Daily Beast presents a look at one of the most insane houses around the world.

Photo Illustration by the Daily Beast

You may not want to step into the ring with Rocky, but stepping into his home is a different matter entirely, especially if you can turn that visit into a championship win. That’s right, the Golden Globe-winner and (on-screen) boxing legend Sylvester Stallone’s 5,000-square foot La Quinta home can be yours for just under $4 mil. Not only is it a Mediterranean paradise in the middle of the California desert, but the home is also something of a steal—Sly originally listed the house in 2012 for $4.5 million. Take those savings and invest them in some art (just wait for it—that little gem comes in a few clicks)!