OMG I Want This House

OMG, I Want This House: Sylvester Stallone Edition

The Daily Beast presents a look at one of the most insane houses around the world.

You may not want to step into the ring with Rocky, but stepping into his home is a different matter entirely, especially if you can turn that visit into a championship win. That’s right, the Golden Globe-winner and (on-screen) boxing legend Sylvester Stallone’s 5,000-square foot La Quinta home can be yours for just under $4 mil. Not only is it a Mediterranean paradise in the middle of the California desert, but the home is also something of a steal—Sly originally listed the house in 2012 for $4.5 million. Take those savings and invest them in some art (just wait for it—that little gem comes in a few clicks)! 

Your home is meant to be a relaxing sanctuary, a retreat away from the troubles of the world and the crowds of adoring fans trying to snap a selfie. It’s a place where you shouldn’t have to work too hard…so it’s a good thing that the path to the backyard patio is a mere three stairs and not a full-on Mount Everest climb up the “Rocky Steps.” No training today, sir!