Owners of Noah's Ark Attraction Sue for Rain Damage

Noah's Ark survived the flood of biblical proportions, it's replica in Kentucky allegedly has rain damage. The owners of Ark Encounter, a wooden replica of the bible's Noah's Ark, are suing their insurance company over what they claim is nearly $1 million worth of property damage. The 510-foot wooden replica opened its doors to people in July 2016, and predicts 2.2 million visitors a year. The Ark Encounter alleges in a federal lawsuit that heavy rains in 2017 and 2018 left its access road unusable after a landslide caused structural damage, the ark itself was reportedly unaffected. “Subsequent to heavy rains, a significant landslide occurred along portions of the slope, which eliminated the structural support for the roadway,” the lawsuit states. “(The landslide) caused significant damage to the road surface itself... and rendered portions of the road unsafe and unfit for use.” Engineers fixed the roadway at a cost of $1 million, but insurers refused to cover the repairs, citing faulty craftsmanship as the cause. Park owners are seeking punitive and compensatory damages.