Penn State Professor and Uber Driver Accused of Kidnapping and Harassment

A Penn State assistant professor has been accused of harassing and holding two women in his vehicle against their will while driving for Uber early Saturday morning. Richard Lomotey, an assistant professor of information sciences and technology, was charged with two counts of kidnapping, false imprisonment, and harassment. Lomotey allegedly drove away from the women's designated route, according to Pittsburgh police. One of the women told police that Lomotey made inappropriate comments towards the women while driving them, and then proceeded to tell them that he was single and wanted to “get with them,” according to the complaint. Lomotey allegedly then pulled over onto the side of the road, locked the vehicle, and told both women “you’re not going anywhere,” the complaint stated. Both women were able to escape, and found a bystander to call 911. No arrests have been made yet, according to police.