Police Find Nude Images of Women in Storage Unit of Ex-USC Gynecologist

A police investigation into Dr. George Tyndall, a former gynecologist for the University of Southern California who has been accused of sexually abusing over 200 patients, uncovered a trove of nude images in a storage unit owned by the disgraced doctor, The Los Angeles Times reports. Detectives are now working to determine whether the pictures show patients during their appointments at the campus clinic—where he worked for over three decades—and to establish the identities of the women photographed. The doctor maintains his innocence on all charges. “Dr. Tyndall is adamant that he has never sold, traded or shared any images of patients he examined while conducting medical examinations at USC,” Tyndall’s lawyer, Leonard Levine said in a statement.

For the women involved, the photos bring to light a potentially new and profound violation. “He’s telling these young ladies that he is taking photographs for a study,” LAPD Capt. Billy Hayes said. “If they are … in his storage facility, it doesn’t give credence to his statements to them that he was using [the photos] for research or to publish studies.”