Pranksters Use Kansas County Health Department’s Phone Number to Tell Residents They Have STDs

A Kansas county health department has issued a statement warning residents that its phone number is being used in prank calls alerting people of false STD notifications. “The Finney County Health Department recently discovered that someone is making prank phone calls using our Department's phone number on the caller ID,” the department said in a statement. “The call consists of a recording ‘informing’ area residents that they've been identified as possibly having a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or as having contact with someone who has an STD.” The department said real staff members will identify themselves by name before discussing personal information, and would never leave such information on a voicemail. The department added that if you have previously visited the Health Department for any STD-related reason, an operator will ask you for your password before proceeding with any discussion of personal health information.

“These calls are NOT FROM US! We would never discuss your private health information in a recording, we will always ask your permission to discuss sensitive health information over the phone... ” the department said in a warning on Facebook. If you receive a suspicious call, the department advises you to contact them directly to verify.