President Trump’s Golf Scores Were Hacked: Report

Someone hacked into the U.S. Golf Association system that calculates handicaps to alter some of President Trump’s scores. The hackers added several points to four of his scores pushing them all above 100. The doctored rounds were logged at Trump National New York, Trump International in West Palm Beach, and the Cochise Course at Desert Mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona. “We have become aware of reports in the media questioning recent scores posted on President Trump’s GHIN account,” a USGA spokesperson told Golfweek. “We are taking corrective action to remove the scores and partnering with our allied golf associations, and their member clubs, to determine the origin of the issue.” In addition, a very good score of 68 was recently posted to Trump’s account and then deleted. A recent book about Trump and golf alleges that he is a frequent cheater.