Prosecutors: Man Charged With Murdering Wife Attempted to Frame Daughter

Prosecutors say a New York stockbroker charged with murdering his wife in 2009 attempted to frame his young daughter for the killing three years later, The New York Post reports. Rod Covlin, 45, allegedly penned an Apple note in 2013 posing as his then-12-year-old daughter, Anna, admitting to mistakenly killing her mother three years earlier. “All of these years I have been so incredibly afraid and guilty about the night my mom died,” Covlin allegedly wrote, pretending to be Anna. “I lied. She didn’t just slip. That day we got into a fight about her dating … I got mad so I pushed her, but it couldn’t have been that hard! I didn’t mean to hurt her! I swear! But she fell and i (sic) heard a terrible noise and the water started turning red and I tried to pull her head up but she remained still…” Anna was reportedly 9-years-old when she found her mother face-down and bloody in a bathtub. Prosecutor Matthew Bogdanos wrote in a court filing that Colvin crafted the note when he thought the DA’s investigation into the murder was “heating up” again. Prosecutors accuse Colvin of putting his wife in a “martial arts chokehold,” breaking her neck, and trying to stage the scene like an accidental drowning. At the time, Colvin and his wife were allegedly in the middle of a messy divorce and custody battle.