Racists Melt Down Over Steve Scalise

White supremacists online whine that the Republican leader addressing one of their groups is no different than talking to the NAACP.

The scandal swirling around Steve Scalise’s address to white supremacists has white supremacists crying foul.

Steve Scalise, newly elected as Republican majority whip, admitted to addressing the European-American Unity and Rights Organization conference in 2002 when he was a Louisiana lawmaker. (EURO was founded by David Duke, the ex-Klansman who ran for Louisiana governor in 1991.) Scalise says he didn’t know they were a white supremacist group and equated addressing them with “liberal” groups like the League of Women voters.

Stormfront.org, the leading white-hate site on the Internet, agrees with Scalise’s defense. Stormfront founder and former KKK leader Don Black wrote he can’t stand the “absolute hypocrisy of the anti-White establishment.”

“Politicians grovel before African-American, Latino and Jewish groups, which openly promote their racial interests,” Black complained, “but they are conditioned to run like scared rabbits at the very idea European-Americans have rights.”

The Stormfront folks say the forum isn’t about white Christian supremacy, but rights for whites, despite posting how African Americans have “IQs in the range of 80-85” and claiming the “jewsmedia” actively “ignores black on white crime.”

“We are not white supremacist,” insists Popper 504. “We want to live with our own, farthest away from the blacks and jews.”

How dare the “Jewish Supremacist Antagonist” be outraged when no one would care if Scalise had spoken at “NAACP or Urban League or LaRaza,” said Ex-Detroiter. “All of those would be just fine.”

The Stormfront crowd offers its own helpful political advice, not only for Scalise but also for the entire GOP.

“If Republicans truly wanted to take this country back, they would make use of the majority of people in this country -- Whites -- and mobilize,” posts a user named Cyan Sky. “The Dems play identity politics with non-whites. The only way the Republicans will win is if they do the same with Whites.”