Read the First Chapters of My New Novel

I'm very excited to announce that serialization of my novel, PATRIOTS, begins today in the Huffington Post. You can read the first two chapters here, and more will follow each day through next Saturday. Altogether, Huffington Post will carry about the first 1/7 of the book.

I hope you'll find the book entertaining and also maybe, possibly, enlightening.

If so, the full book will be available for download to e-readers on April 30 and as a paperback on May 7.

US readers can pre-order from Amazon, iTunes, and other digital retailers.

UK readers can pre-order here.

For reasons I don't understand, the Canadian sites don't offer pre-order options, but the book will be available from, and Kobobooks on the 30th.

And for readers wondering why on earth a political pundit would write fiction, please click here for a blogpost answer to the question, "You wrote a WHAT?!"