Rep. Peter King: ‘I Will Take Cyanide’ if Cruz Gets Nomination

New York's loudest congressman threatens suicide if Cruz wins at the RNC.


Speaking to Morning Joe on the morning of New York’s primary, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) once again made it clear that he is no fan of Ted Cruz.

And this time he took it to deadly extremes.

“First of all, in case anybody is confused, I am not endorsing Ted Cruz,” King said to laughs from the hosts.

“I hate Ted Cruz, and I think I’ll take cyanide if he ever got the nomination.”

King explained that he is not endorsing Donald Trump—and in fact, voted for John Kasich via absentee ballot—but still predicted a big New York victory for the real estate mogul. Previously, the congressman was quoted as saying that “any New Yorker who even thinks of voting for Ted Cruz should have their head examined.”

Of course, King is not the only Republican member of Congress to use such hyperbolic language to describe this year’s GOP field. Senator Lindsey Graham infamously described a choice between Trump and Cruz this way: “It’s like being shot or poisoned. I think you get the same result, whether it’s quick or takes a long time.” However, Graham ended up reluctantly throwing his weight behind Cruz as the lesser of two evils.