Report: 12 Dead, 500+ Injured in Gaza-Israel Border Protest

At least 12 Palestinians were killed and hundreds injured Friday as Israeli forces reportedly retaliated and opened fire on protesters at a large demonstration along the Israel-Gaza border, Gaza medical officials told Reuters. The Palestinian Health Ministry estimated that more than 500 were injured and most of the casualties were a result of “gunfire against the protesters.” Israeli military officials said they were engaged in “riot dispersal” that meant “firing toward main instigators,” who were reportedly “rolling burning tires and hurling stones” at the border. Estimates put the gathered crowd at 30,000 people. Israeli forces also reportedly used tear gas, rubber bullets, and live fire. The protest was in commemoration of “Land Day,” which remembers six Arabs who were killed by Israeli security forces during protests in 1976. This week, Israel restricted border crossings for the upcoming Easter holiday, only allowing Gaza Christians 55 and older to go to Jerusalem.