Report: Chinese Workers Pressured to Watch Pro-Xi Propaganda Film

Chinese companies and government agencies have reportedly ordered employees to attend mass viewings of a new propaganda film lauding the country’s achievements under President Xi Jinping. The film, called Amazing China, has been hyped up by state media and touted as the country’s highest-grossing “documentary” ever. Its release coincided with the passing of a constitutional amendment this month that lifts presidential term limits and paves the way for Xi to rule indefinitely, a move seen as a worrying sign by critics who say the Chinese leader’s cult of personality is reminiscent of dictator Mao Zedong. Several theatergoers cited by AFP on Tuesday said they were ordered to attend a screening of the film by their employers. “It was mandatory. But I’m glad we came. Don’t you think it was great?” one man from a trading company was quoted as saying. Some internet users reportedly complained they were pressured to see the film and write reviews, with one user comparing it to a “homework” assignment.