Report: Creator of Al Qaeda Magazine ‘Inspire’ Stayed Overnight at NYPD Cop’s Apartment

The “primary creator” of two jihadist-propaganda publications stayed at an undercover NYPD cop’s apartment the night before he “secretly” left the U.S. for Yemen, according to a report from CTC Sentinel. Samir Khan, who left for Yemen in 2009, was a member of the New York-based terror network Revolution Muslim, through which he met an undercover NYPD officer who had infiltrated the group.“The night before Khan departed secretly for Yemen from JFK Airport, he even slept over at the [undercover cop’s] apartment,” the report says. Khan created Jihad Recollections, an English-language digital magazine, and an al Qaeda-sponsored magazine called Inspire, which started publishing in 2010. One Inspire article titled “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom” provided readers with instructions on how to make an explosive device. Khan died in the same drone strike that killed Anwar al-Awlaki—the U.S.-born leader of AQAP who had links to 9/11 and the Fort Hood massacre.