Report: DHS Wants to Dispatch Civilian Police to Southern Border

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen sent a memo to multiple federal agencies requesting to deploy “civilian law enforcement officers” to the border as early as next week, Politico reports. The internal memo, reportedly sent to the leaders of several departments, asks “any available civilian law enforcement personnel” to head to the border in order to repel “migrant caravans originating from Central America.” According to the website, personnel that would normally be “guarding diplomats, patrolling national parks, and protecting nuclear weapons” could be redirected to Customs and Border Patrol offices in California, Arizona, and Texas to back up CBP officers. The officials deployed to the border will also reportedly have the power to make arrests. A senior Department of Homeland Security official told Politico that the department has “already made a commitment to dispatch officers to the border” and has contacted other departments to see who else could be deployed. This comes as a number of military troops were dispatched along the southern border.