Report: FBI Background Screenings Waived for Florida Migrant Camp Staff

The staff at a child migrant detention facility in Florida did not undergo FBI fingerprint checks or child welfare screenings, The Associated Press reports. Screenings for the staff at Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Children had reportedly first been waived by Obama-era Office of Refugee Resettlement director Robert Carey. In addition, Florida law reportedly prohibits any “outside” employers from reviewing the state child welfare system, making child welfare screenings impossible. The checks would have detected if any of the approximately 2,000 staff members at Homestead had any verified allegations of “abuse, neglect or abandonment” against them. The shelter reportedly has about 1,300 teens in its care. The report came after the AP revealed that another migrant detention facility in Tornillo, Texas also failed to screen any of its 2,100 employees, who reportedly take care of about 2,300 teens.