Report: Qatar Just Bought $6.5M Apartment in Trump Property

Qatar’s mission to the United Nations bought an apartment valued at $6.5 million in New York’s Trump World Tower on Jan. 17, one month after a judge ruled that President Donald Trump was not violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution when receiving Qatari rent, The Guardian reports. Before the sale, the Qatari government owned three other units in Trump World Tower, bringing the total of its purchases in the building to $16.5 million. In an email, Qatari spokespeople said the units house diplomatic staff that work at the U.N. headquarters, which is just across the street from the Trump building. “These apartments, plus the recent unit, were all purchased due to their location, nothing more,” they wrote. According to a watchdog group, the governments of Afghanistan, India, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia were already paying in excess of $225,000 a month in charges in the building.