Report: Russia Hacked Olympics, Tried to Pin It on Pyongyang

Russian intelligence operatives hacked hundreds of computers used by Olympic organizers and tried to make it look as if North Korea was behind the cyberattack, The Washington Post reports, citing U.S. officials. Organizers of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics confirmed the cyberattack during the games’ Opening Ceremony but had declined at that time to disclose who was responsible. Intelligence officials now say Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency gained access to up to 300 computers used at the Olympics, and analysts believe the cyberattack may have been retaliation against the International Olympic Committee for its ban on Russia’s national team at the games, according to the report. In addition to accessing Olympic-related computers, the Russian intelligence agency is also accused of hacking routers in South Korea last month and deploying new malware during the Winter Games that could allow them to gather intelligence or carry out further attacks, officials told the Post.