Report: Trump Administration Created ‘Database’ of Caravan Journos, Lawyers, and Activists to Track

The U.S. government reportedly assembled a database of “activists, journalists, and social-media influencers” covering the migrant “caravan” last year for the purpose of flagging them and placing alerts on their passports. The “SharePoint application” obtained by NBC 7 San Diego reportedly listed individuals who officials said should be “targeted for screening at the border.” The individuals in the database reportedly included “10 journalists... a U.S. attorney, and 47 people... labeled as organizers, instigators” or unknown roles. For each person, the database reportedly featured the individual’s photo and personal information, including date of birth, “country of commencement,” and their alleged connection to the migrant caravan. Some individuals reportedly had a colored “X” over their photo, indicating that they were either “arrested, interviewed, or had their visa or SENTRI pass revoked” by authorities. NBC 7 confirmed three journalists listed in the database were denied access to Mexico, one of whom endured a 13-hour interview in Mexico. The database was reportedly used by ICE, CBP, Border Patrol, Homeland Security Investigation and FBI’s San Diego sector.