Report: U.S. Will Stop Refueling Saudi Coalition Planes in Yemen Fight

The Trump administration will reportedly stop refueling the Saudi-led coalition’s planes in Yemen, putting an end to a practice that’s faced widespread criticism and potentially hampering the coalition’s ability to conduct airstrikes, according to The Washington Post. The newspaper reports that it is unclear whether the move was initiated by the U.S. or Saudi Arabia, but sources told the newspaper it was “prompted at least in part by the Saudi military’s increased aerial refueling capability.” Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have reportedly called for the U.S. to end weapons sales and the refueling program, particularly after military officials told Congress they “do not track what occurs once those planes are refueled.” Pentagon spokesman Col. Robert Manning III said the U.S. had “ongoing discussions with our partners” but had “nothing to announce at this time.” The kingdom’s war in Yemen has allegedly led to the deaths of “thousands of unarmed civilians” and caused a massive famine in the country. Earlier this year, a Saudi coalition airstrike hit a school bus full of children, killing dozens of people.