Box Office

'Rio', 'Scream 4', and More Movie Box Office Results

The 3-D animated, G-rated feature Rio hit theaters this weekend and grossed a whopping $40 million, making it the biggest opening film in 2011, according to an estimate from 20th Century Fox. The movie follows a domesticated macaw from Minnesota (voiced by Jesse Eisenberg) on a Brazilian adventure with the bird of his dreams (voiced by Anne Hathaway). Even though the hyped-up Scream 4 also hit theaters this weekend, 11 years of anticipation since Scream 3 proved to be too long—the movie grossed a mediocre $19.3 million. Forty-six percent of Scream 4's viewers were above 25 years old, which is far older than the average age of audiences at horror films, indicating that a generation gap might be to blame for the film's disappointing opening.