Robert Rundo, Other Neo-Nazi Gang Members Indicted for Conspiracy, Rioting

A federal grand jury indicted four neo-Nazi gang members on counts of conspiracy and rioting Thursday in connection to “planning and engaging in riots at political rallies across California,” according to a Justice Department press release. Robert Rundo—the alleged leader of the Rise Above Movement—along with Robert Boman, Tyler Laube, and Aaron Eason, are all in federal custody and are currently being held without bond. According to the press release, all four men were charged with one count of conspiracy. Rundo, Boman, and Eason are also charged with one count of rioting. The four men are accused of “engaging in recruitment” for the Rise Above Movement, coordinating “hand-to-hand and other combat training, traveling to political rallies to attack protesters and other persons, and publishing photographs and videos of violent acts to recruit other members for future events.” The four men are allegedly linked to attacks at 2017 political events in Huntington Beach, Berkeley, and San Bernardino. The men are also accused of “celebrat[ing] their assaults” after the events. Both the conspiracy and riot charges carry minimum sentences of five years in prison. Four members of the Rise Above Movement who participated in the Unite the Right rally were also charged with conspiracy to riot.