Roger Stone: CIA Director John Brennan Needs to Be ‘Hung for Treason’

Roger Stone—a longtime political ally of President Trump who faces charges of obstruction, witness-tampering and false statements—reportedly posted an Instagram story on Sunday claiming former CIA director John Brennan needed to die for committing treason. “This psycho must be charged, tried, and convicted and hung for treason,” the now-deleted Instagram update read, which also featured a picture of Brennan. After Stone was indicted, Trump came to Stone's defense asking why Brennan—along with others—weren’t also charged with lying to Congress. Brennan served under Obama until January 2017, but later had his security clearance revoked after the White House claimed he lied to Congress about the intelligence community using the infamous Steele Dossier. Stone previously posted a photo on Instagram with a judge's face next to a rifle scope’s cross-hairs, which resulted in the judge threatening to jail him if he violated the gag order placed against him.