Romney's Ironic Sense of Salesmanship

A liberal friend writes:

Didn't you write back then that Romney is a businessman, and, therefore, he's always trying to cut the deal with the potential customers or clients. The customers are always right. Thru the GOP convention, the "customers" were the rabid right activist base of his own party. He said whatever he needed to say to win the nomination ("I was a severely conservative Governor"), and, then, as speculation mounted as to who would be his running mate, he underscored his wooing of the base with the selection of Ryan. Extremely conservative, just what the base and the key opinion makers, like NR, the WSJ, and the Weekly Standard wanted.

Now the customer is the electorate as a whole, and it's not buying what Romney is selling. He's about to lose the sale! It's a big project that will cost Bain millions! Ok, time to change the pitch. He's now Moderate Mitt from Massachusetts. Mr Fixit. A center-just barely to the right policy wonk.

So: who will be the customer beginning January 20, 2013? The American people or the GOP congress, and those same key right wing opinion makers?

What's your guess?

My answer: I'm hoping a President Romney will see the House GOP as labor. Then they're really f---ed.