Rush Limbaugh: Trump Will ‘Unload’ on Hillary, Make Americans ‘Orgasmic’

The conservative radio host thinks that Trump will inspire Americans to shriek with delight once they see him take on Clinton.

Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast

Rush Limbaugh has a prescription for America’s sexual frustration that’s better than Viagra: Donald Trump.

During a segment of his Thursday radio show, the famed right-wing bloviator said that America is eagerly waiting for the Republican frontrunner to “unload” on Hillary Clinton.

“If Trump’s the nominee, and if he does unload on Hillary Clinton, as he’s promising to do,” said the gasbag radio host, “let me just tell you something, you do not know how many gazillion Americans are going to be delirious and orgasmic with delight.”

Limbaugh’s right-wing sexual fanfiction didn’t end there.

“There are gazillions of Americans who have had to swallow, who have had to sit there and take it,” he shouted, “whatever the Clintons have gotten away with since they entered the public national scene in 1992.”

Despite never outright endorsing him, Limbaugh has frequently flopped his jowls over Trump and his alleged prowess.

He giddily lauded Trump’s confusing Wednesday foreign policy address as among “the greatest ever” and squealed at the Alex Jones-like promise that “We’re gonna get rid of the globalists.”

Limbaugh predicted that the so-called “GOP establishment” is going to have “the vapors” over Trump’s use of the infamous phrase “America First,” which has its origins with Charles Lindbergh and the movement opposed to U.S. entry into World War II.

“The attempt to insinuate that Trump doesn’t care about the Nazis, that’s how they’re gonna hear it and it’s just gonna cement them even tighter to Trump,” he spat into his microphone. Falsely connecting the candidate to alleged Nazi sympathizers, Limbaugh suggested, will embolden the Trumpkins’ anti-elite sentiment.

Yet it hasn’t been all “orgasmic” between Limbaugh and the orange-tinged demagogue.

He recently chided Trump for constantly complaining that the GOP delegate process is a “rigged” system keeping him from securing the party’s nomination. “Nobody is being cheated,” Limbaugh grumbled. “I’m really trying to get you to not think that this particular system is being rigged or you’re being cheated. You’re not, this is how politics is.”

It’s not totally surprising, however, that the anthropomorphic trash-pile licks his lips at the prospect of Americans shrieking with delight during a Trump general election. But considering Trump has viciously made fun of women and called out Clinton’s use of the “woman card,” an analogy about unloading on a woman likely won’t do much to improve his unfavorability.