Sam Bee Has ‘Had Enough’ of Fox News Helping Trump Undermine Robert Mueller

In her final show of the year, Samantha Bee went off on Fox News’ “crazy conspiracy theories” about the FBI.


Samantha Bee seems very ready for 2017 to be over.

In her final Full Frontal of the year, the host began by digging into Fox News’ increasingly irrational attempts to undermine Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia.

“If you’re visiting your elderly white parents for the holidays, here's a helpful preview of what you’ll be hearing on every TV in their house,” Bee said Wednesday night before playing a montage of conspiracy theories from the Trump-supporting network, which has been in full-on freak-out mode over recently revealed text messages from FBI agents who, among other things, called the president a “douche.”

“A ‘douche?!’ That is not fair. Douches are obsolete, gross and poison for vaginas,” Bee said. “Oh, wait, no, you know what? That checks out.” But, she added, “Calling Trump those names isn’t even really an insult. Being a loathsome, terrifying idiot douche was practically his entire campaign platform.”

And then there was the Fox guest who suggested the FBI was plotting to assassinate Trump. “Dude, read the room,” Bee said. “You can’t just float that kind of crazy conspiracy theory at Fox News, at least not without a visual aid.”

Despite the fact that Mueller fired the agents responsible for the offending messages, Bee noted that “Trump apologists say the texts are proof that the FBI is hopelessly biased, which makes sense,” adding, “Like every law enforcement agency, the FBI is notoriously liberal.”

Trump has repeatedly insisted that he has no plans to get rid of Mueller. “But firing Mueller isn’t even the real goal since that would get Trump in more trouble,” Bee said. “The goal is to weaken his reputation so Republicans can ignore his findings.”

“Not that Republicans would ever ignore credible charges against one of their own or anything,” she added as Roy Moore’s photo appeared on the screen. “You know what, Fox News, I have had enough of your crazy conspiracy theories! I’m changing the channel to the real news.”

With that, she cut to a report from MSNBC about UFOs. “You know what? Fuck it!” Bee concluded. “They need a female late-night host in space, right? I hope they’re giving out space Emmys up there.”