Less Sympathetic

Sanford and Son

Mark Sanford was once a quasi-sympathetic figure. Uh...no more.

This Mark Sanford character is sort of psychotic, isn't he? Up to now, the posture has been to feel a soupcon of empathy or something for the man because well, at least he was in love. You can't argue with love.

But now we see there's something really off about the guy. Snooping around his wife's house. To watch the Super Bowl with his son. Well that's not so bad. But he was legally barred from being there.

Then, get this:

Meanwhile, the Washington Post has learned that tensions within the family flared up as recently as April 2, at the celebration of Sanford’s runoff election victory when the former governor thrust two of his sons on-stage with the Argentine woman who was at the center of the spectacular sex scandal that broke up his marriage.

For Sanford’s teenage son Bolton, that very public moment marked the first time he had ever been in the presence of Maria Belen Chapur.

Sanford’s former wife Jenny confirmed in a text message: “That was indeed Bolton’s first intro and both boys were quite upset and visibly so.”

Love doesn't mean never having to say you're sorry. Maybe when you're young it does. But not for long.

Now comes word that the GOP is ending its support for him. So he'll get no money from the national party. So Stephen Colbert's sister could actually win this thing. Still a hard road ahead of her, but amazing.

As for the Democratic psychotic, Weiner, I'm still plowing my way through that interminable Times magazine piece and want to finish it before I toss my two cents in. All I can say at this point is that I find it regrettable that the New York Times decided to devote 8,000 words to him.