Santa Anita Park Won’t Stop Racing After Three Horses Die in Five Days

Despite up to 29 unexplained horse deaths occurring on the property since late last year, Santa Anita Park will reportedly remain open and continue its race schedule. NBC News reports that three deaths occurred within the last five days—with one horse being euthanized after a fracturing its pelvis, one suffering a heart attack, and another put down after it broke its shoulder.

Over the weekend, the California Horse Racing Board said they recommended the park be shut down for the “seven remaining race days” but the park’s management claimed the “future of California racing is best served by continuing to race.” The Stronach Group, the park’s owner, said in a Sunday statement it was remaining open to complete the implementation of recommended safety reforms that have improved the number of horse deaths at the park. “To be clear, there are no acceptable losses, and every day we work toward ending all serious injuries,” the group said. “But the reality is that our improvements and changes have been effective.”