Saudis Warn Iran Missile Launch Could Be ‘Act of War’

Saudi Arabia on Monday issued a stark warning to Iran after Yemeni Shiite rebels launched a ballistic missile at Riyadh over the weekend, saying “the kingdom reserves its right to respond to Iran in the appropriate time and manner.” A statement from the Saudi-led coalition battling Iranian-backed Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen said the recent missile launch “could be considered an act of war.” “Iran’s role and its direct command of its Houthi proxy in this matter constitutes a clear act of aggression that targets neighboring countries, and threatens peace and security in the region and globally,” the statement said, calling the missile launch “a blatant act of military aggression by the Iranian regime.” The warning comes amid heightened tensions in the region, with dozens of Saudi princes and high-ranking officials arrested on corruption charges or forced out of their positions over the weekend. Amid the turbulence, a Saudi prince was killed Sunday in a helicopter crash near the Yemen border. The cause of the crash that killed Prince Mansour bin Muqrin, the son of the former crown prince, is unknown.