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Screw George Clooney—Amal Alamuddin Is the Catch

We were already envious of Amal Alamuddin…for her career, not her marriage to George Clooney. But her wedding weekend wardrobe reveals she's a flawless fashionista as well. Swoon.

The photo album for the wedding of the season has just been released. And we’re embarrassed to admit: We. Are. Jealous.

No, not that Amal Alamuddin nabbed the guy that every woman secretly pined over (after all, as a perennial bachelor, he always seemed at least slightly attainable, even if it was a long shot). And not that she had the perfect wedding. No, that’s not it.

We’re jealous of Amal herself, who is flawless.

The most recent photo released reveals the star of the weekend—her wedding dress—and it is just the latest nail in our “we want to be you” coffin of envy. The gorgeous design by Oscar de la Renta is the stuff of every girl’s fairytale wedding dreams. It’s romantic, covered in lace and sporting a train that demands a grand walk down the aisle. It’s sexy, with her shoulders peeping out through an off-the-shoulder neckline. And it’s classically elegant.

Over the past few days, photos have trickled out showing the happy couple and their guests zipping around Venice on posh boats. And they all reveal that Amal is one stylish lady.

There’s the quintessentially chic and seemingly effortless wide-legged white pantsuit and matching hat that she wore to her civil ceremony at town hall. It was a thoroughly modern outfit that also recalled the Hollywood glamour of Audrey Hepburn gallivanting around Italy in the 1950s and 60s.

Then there was the stunning red Alexander McQueen dress that she wore to her rehearsal dinner. Amal boldly paired the flirty waterfall gown with bright red lipstick in a look that was daring, fun, and showed that she wasn’t afraid to make a statement.

She rounded out the weekend by appearing the morning after the ceremony in a Giambattista Valli Spring 2014 couture creation. The dress featured a base of white lace that recalled her wedding gown—and reminded onlookers that she is the bride—but it was also vivacious and flirty, with hand-stitched red and purple flowers and a hemline that showed off her killer legs. Oh, and George was there too.

The suitcase of stunners that Amal revealed throughout the weekend proves that she has one amazing sense of style. Which makes her all that much more enviable—we were already jonesing after her killer career. She is not only a successful, well-respected human-rights lawyer, she has also represented some of the most high-profile global cases and worked with the U.N. Amal completely blasts apart the idea that many young girls are indoctrinated with from a young age—that women can either have brains or beauty, but not both.

This trend has recently been changing in the march of leading ladies that are (finally) starting to hit our screens. They are strong women (but also real women with flaws), who aren’t afraid to speak their minds, take charge of their careers, and do it all while looking fabulous. Scandal’s Olivia Pope solves the problems of the D.C. elite in sleek, gorgeous, monochromatic looks (what we wouldn’t do for just one of her pristine white coats). The Good Wife’s high-powered lawyer Alicia Florrick wouldn’t be caught dead making one of her cutthroat legal defenses in a traditional—and generally defeminizing—power suit.

Now, in Amal Alamuddin, we have a real life example of a woman who is highly accomplished with a career that is an inspiration to us all, and a fabulous closet to boot. The website The Business Woman said it best in their headline “Internationally Acclaimed Barrister Amal Alamuddin Marries an Actor.” We just hope George can keep up.