Sen. Lee: I’m Not Holding Up Flint Aid

Sen. Mike Lee fired back Friday at accusations that he is personally stalling federal aid money from going to Flint to help fix its drinking water crisis. As The Daily Beast reported, the Republican senator has worked to halt $250 million in grants and loans for repairing drinking water infrastructure in poor communities. In a statement, Lee denied that he's holding up the relief by denying the funds exist. “Michigan’s governor has not asked us for any, nor have Michigan’s Senators proposed any," he claimed. "Contrary to media reports, there is no federal ‘aid package’ for Flint even being considered.” It seems as though Lee is nitpicking the "aid package" language to absolve himself of blame: because earmarks are banned, the legislation cannot directly label the funds for Flint—therefore there is "no aid package" for the beleaguered city.