Seth Meyers Goes Off on Trump for Insulting McCabe’s Wife: ‘You Are Awful’

The ‘Late Night’ host could not believe Trump told his deputy FBI director to “ask his wife how it feels to be a loser.”


The big news on Monday was that Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe would be leaving the bureau “immediately” instead of sticking around until March as planned. But Seth Meyers is stuck on a disturbing detail about President Trump’s rocky relationship with McCabe.

As NBC News reported today, during a phone call with McCabe on the day he fired FBI Director James Comey, Trump “turned on McCabe, suggesting he ask his wife how it feels to be a loser—an apparent reference to a failed campaign for state office in Virginia that McCabe’s wife made in 2015.

“You told him to ask his wife what it’s like to be a loser?!” Meyers asked, incredulously. “You should ask your wife what it’s like to be married to one!”

“Awful,” the host added. “You are awful.”

Earlier in his “A Closer Look” segment, the Late Night host weighed in for the first time on the report that the president tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller last June. “Amazing,” he said. “Trump is mad that he’s being investigated for obstruction of justice so his plan to get out of it is to obstruct justice.”

“Why would Donald Trump do this?” Meyers asked. “Why does he keep going out of his way to interfere with the investigation?”

The host laid out two possible answers: “One, he’s guilty. Or two, he asked the FBI director for a pledge of loyalty, he asked him to stop his investigation into Michael Flynn, fired the FBI director, admitted he fired him because of the Russia investigation, bragged to the Russians that he did it because of the Russia investigation, pressured the attorney general not to recuse himself, pressured the heads of the intelligence agencies to intervene and tried to fire the special counsel who took over the Russia investigation…because he’s innocent?”