Seth Meyers Rips Into Trump for Praising ‘Brutal Dictator’ Kim Jong Un

“What are you talking about?” Meyers asked Trump. “This is a guy who starves his own citizens and assassinates people with anti-aircraft guns.”


“No matter your feelings on Donald Trump, he is currently attempting diplomacy over war, which is undeniably the better option,” Seth Meyers said Tuesday night after the president’s big “summit” with Kim Jong Un. “That said, I do have some concerns based on some things Donald Trump did and said yesterday and also based on the fact that he is Donald Trump.”

Over the next 12 minutes, the Late Night host dug into the whirlwind past 25 hours, during which the president himself admitted he did not sleep. Meyers acknowledged the historic significance of the handshake between the two leaders, but asked, “Why can’t these guys find a suit that fits them? They look like they shop at a store called Business Pajamas. It looks like a promo picture for a movie called ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Dictators.’”

“It looked like they’d been set up on a blind date by their weirdest friend,” the host added of the photo op meeting that followed. “Oh what? They were?” he asked, revealing a photo of Dennis Rodman, who broke down in tears during a bizarre interview on CNN Monday night during which he promoted his marijuana-based cryptocurrency and thanked a long list of people that included Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder.

“Man, the news these days really feels like a Mad Lib from 1999: ‘Dennis Rodman was in Singapore promoting PotCoin where he thanked Eddie Vedder at a summit with North Korea and President Donald Trump,’” Meyers remarked. “In fact, after watching this summit, you might actually think you OD’d on PotCoins from how often Trump, a man who has fought with everyone from allies to war heroes, complimented brutal dictator Kim Jong Un.”  

After playing a montage of Trump praising Kim, Meyers asked, “What are you talking about? This is a guy who starves his own citizens and assassinates people with anti-aircraft guns. You’re talking about him like he started Apple in his garage.”

Later, Meyers reiterated that he thinks diplomacy with North Korea is “vastly preferable to fiery rhetoric and threats of nuclear war.”

“The problem isn’t that Trump is engaging in diplomacy,” he continued. “The problem is that he doesn’t know what he’s doing and only cares about optics.” As one more example, he pointed to the moment when Trump asked the media at their “working lunch” to make sure they looked “nice and handsome and thin and perfect” on camera.

As a “ruthless dictator,” Meyers explained, that was the first time Kim Jong Un “has ever heard that he’s not thin.”

“If this summit ratchets down the tension, then that’s a good thing,” Meyers added. “We just have to hope that Trump doesn’t mess it up. Because when it comes to messing things up...” he said, before cutting to a video of Trump declaring, “That’s what I do.”