SNL: Alec Baldwin’s Trump Gushes Over the Nunes Memo on ‘Fox & Friends’

Alec Baldwin made his first appearance of the year as Donald Trump on SNL, calling in to ‘Fox & Friends’ for his “daily intelligence briefing.”


Since their glory days, the old Fox & Friends crew have moved on from Saturday Night Live. But there was a new group in town this week when Steve Doocy (Alex Moffat), Ainsley Earhardt (Heidi Gardner) and Brian Kilmeade (Beck Bennett) appeared to speak directly to President Donald Trump.

“We want to say a big hello to all of our fans out there, whether you’re fixing breakfast, getting dressed for work or laying in the Lincoln bedroom tweeting with a Egg McMuffin on your chest, hello!” Earhardt said, welcoming the show’s #1 fan.

The hosts began by speaking with Cecily Strong’s Hope Hicks, who has never shown her face on TV in real life, but was in the news this week for reportedly saying Donald Trump Jr.’s emails about his 2016 meeting with Russians “will never come out.”

When Kilmeade introduced her as White House communications director, Hicks replied, “Sure, if you say so, there are no real jobs here, you know? Every day feels like when a group of strangers works together to push a beached whale back into the sea.”

Next up, the crew unwittingly welcomed a minister who has been “warning” America about the Deep State for years: Louis Farrakhan. “I don’t know much about you, but you’re a guy who is telling the truth about the FBI before any of us,” Kilmeade said. “What is going on over there?”

They were more impressed by his Tucker Carlson-esque bowtie and many mentions of God than his controversial views on race and religion.

As it turned out, they were saving their biggest guest for last.

Up until this week, Alec Baldwin's Trump had still yet to appear on SNL in 2018, preferring to focus on other matters. But that all changed when he called in to the show from his bed in the White House.

“Yes, I’m so busy,” the pajama-clad Trump said, biting into a cheeseburger. “If you’re wondering why I’m out of breath, it’s because I’m doing my daily P90X morning exercises right now. But I’m saving the economy, destroying ISIS, and right now I’m getting my daily intelligence briefing…from you guys.”

As the president actually did on Twitter this week, Baldwin’s Trump proceeded to brag about the ratings for his State of the Union, which he claimed was watched by 10 billion people. “They say there are only seven billion people on the earth, so where did the three billion come from? Illegals? I don’t know.”

Unlike in real life, the president weighed in on a big memo from his “sweet little House elf,” Devin Nunes. “This memo might be the greatest memo since the Declaration of Independence,” he said. “I don’t know, I haven’t read either one of them.”