Sorry, Chipotle, People Think Your New Queso Is Gross And 'A Crime Against Cheese'

‘I paid $5 for the worst "queso" I've ever eaten. The police are on their way, Chipotle.’


Chipotle tried once again to come back as the top fast food chain with their newly-released queso, but their efforts didn’t seem to work. Again.

Following past reports of E.Coli and norovirus outbreaks, and a rat-sighting at a location in Dallas, the burrito chain hoped their new cheese dip would win back customers.

It didn’t.  

Some customers say the dip is a “huge letdown.” Others describe the queso as “gritty,” “a crime against cheese,” and one Twitter user said “the police are on their way” because of the cheesy mess.

“Our queso is made with only real ingredients, which makes it different. We like that difference, but it is different,” Chipotle said in a tweet to an unhappy customer.

It’s overwhelmingly not a good look.